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Ontario Auto Loans  - Car Loan Calculators - Payment Estimator - Ontario Finance Payment Calculator - Calculate Monthly Car Payment

The calculator on this page will give you a rough idea of monthly payments for a Canadian car loan or you can determine a loan amount based on a monthly payment you can comfortably afford. Please be advised that the calculator doesn't take taxes, administration, licensing or other fees into account - it's just a rough payment estimator.

Interest rates on auto loans vary depending on manufacturer incentives on new cars and current bank interest rates. Interest rates on used cars are based on each individual's personal credit history. Allow us to give you a FREE No Obligation quote.


Auto Loan Finance Calculator
Annual Interest Rate

(8.5 for 8.5%)
Term of Loan

(48 for 48 months)
Down Payment

(1000 for $1,000)
Find Monthly Payment:
Enter loan amount:

(25000 for $25,000)

Monthly payment:
Find Loan Amount:
Enter monthly payment:

(250 for $250)

Total loan amount:
Total Interest Paid:


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